7 Tasteful Ways to Wear Midi Skirts this Summer

With a solid tank top

Beat the heat with a cool combination of solid coloured tank tops with midi skirts this summer; the advantage of investing in solid coloured tanks is that they can be styled with any sort of midi skirts: striped, plain, printed etc. This outfit is perfect for summers, especially in humid places where you can bid sweating goodbye by turning up in the chic and casual combination of tank tops and midi skirts.

With a white shirt

Confused as to what will go with your midi skirt or want to make your midi skirt look formal and fit for office? Whatever your problem is, it will get sorted out when you pair your midi skirt with a crisp white shirt. Try classic shades like blush, beige, black or brown, and you are good to go to office or to any formal gathering in style and comfort.

As co-ords

Wear a top in the similar colour or print as your midi skirt. What you get is the effect of a co-ord. Try matching prints, or matching colour, or go all out with colour blocking in contrasting colours. This trend will surely turn heads, no matter where you go!

Crop it up

Trend one of this season – midi skirt. Trend two of the season – crop tops. Pair them up and you get an ultra-fashionable combination. Not only will your outfit be summer-proof, it will highlight your figure in the crop top and midi skirt or even help you hide your flaws when you pair a high waisted skirt with a flowy cropped top

Jazz it up with a statement neckpiece

Sometimes, all your outfit needs is a little bit of sparkle and you can add it to your midi skirt by adding a statement neckpiece.We have seen all our fashion queens rocking the statement neckpiece trend. Wear a statement neckpiece in classic colours like silver or gold, or wear it in the colour of your midi skirt.

Play around with scarves

For all you beauties who have to travel by public transport, you know exactly how essential a scarf is. Now that very scarf can actually turn into a fashion piece to team up with midi skirts. Use printed, striped or solid coloured scarves to add the feel of a diva to your midi skirt outfit.

Get your shoe game on-point

A midi skirt means that the lower portion of your legs will be on full display. Sometimes all you need to style a midi skirt is great pair of heels sorry, but flats won’t quite bring the same effect. Boots, strappy heels, studded wedges or nude pumps, let your shoe do the talking as a statement.

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