Just the Classics

Out of all the street style fashion surrounding the shows, there’s usually only a handful of looks that I relate to. They usually involve outfits anchored by classic pieces that translate to real life wear. High waist slim jeans and a tee with a gorgeous coat, croc bag and shoes? Definitely. A smart trench belted over a crisp white shirt and skirt? Yes, please. Lauren Santo Domingo and Caroline Issa are two perfect examples.

A classic wardrobe lasts, rarely goes out of style, and a few well-selected pieces can take you just about anywhere at any time.

How to be sure you have a classic style personality

Are you certain of your style? Do you know you have a classic style personality.If you aren’t 100% sure, you could try this fun style personality quiz. Most women find they have one main style personality but are drawn to elements of others.

As a classic style personality you prefer timeless looks

While you are aware of the trends, you prefer classic looks which are totally timeless. The clothes, shoes and accessories you wear look stylish year after year.

You don’t like throwaway fashion

You aren’t one to hit the shops every weekend. You would rather have fewer, quality pieces in your closet that you know will last you for seasons.

But you do always look elegant, refined and your outfits are well put together.That’s partly because your outfit choices suit any occasion and partly because you tend to gravitate towards well-cut pieces in good quality fabric.

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